90 Second Website Builder – Version 9 – Using Layers for Responsive Web Design

The Grand Po-Bob February 13, 2015Graphic Design

http://90secondwebsitebuilder.com – The layer tool in 90 Second Website Builder allows you to create responsiveness to any area(s) of a web page by using rel…
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7 thoughts on “90 Second Website Builder – Version 9 – Using Layers for Responsive Web Design

  1. Okay i’ve been doing this for maybe a day, and I wonder how the webpage
    will look on different monitors? Mine is 1920×1080, and if I make a image
    1600 pixels to the right, and then someone with a 1280×1080 monitor come
    visit my page, how will it look for them? Are they going to need to scroll
    to the right to see the image?

  2. it´s there some tutorial for the new wisywing 10 and reponsive web
    design?? I know there are some tools make it some more easy..? I just
    bough the latest version…. tks

  3. Thank you so much for these videos. I wish I would have looked here before
    I made my website. The layer tool would be great for a mobile website
    because the layer would fluctuate with the size of the mobile device.
    Wouldn’t it? Do you see any problems with that idea? Thanks again!

  4. Thanks a lot Greg, it’s great lesson, you are really the best teacher, hope
    you can share more your experiences in here, we do learn a lot from you,
    thanks man

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