The Universal Arts of Graphic Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

The Grand Po-Bob January 25, 2014Graphic Design

Though often overlooked, Graphic Design surrounds us: it is the signs we read, the products we buy, and the rooms we inhabit.

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25 thoughts on “The Universal Arts of Graphic Design | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

  1. Just watching this video made me smile. Thank you for making and posting
    this video in a place where others can educate themselves about what it is
    that we actually do and why we go about doing it… to make other peoples
    lives better

  2. I create graphic design images, as well, and it involves a lot more than
    what others may think. It is that complex and that necessary to have.

  3. im in my senior year right now and plan to be a graphic designer but im
    stuck on how I can become one. I love art and have always done great with
    art at school, but don’t know what to do for college and stuff like that,
    anyone got helpful tips?

  4. Graphic design is already part of our lives. Every thing we see has a
    design as a designer our objective is to convey people, to catch people by
    our expressive designs.

  5. Human connection in design – So cool!

    #graphicdesign #graphicdesigner #graphicdesigntips #design #creative 

  6. For a great vid about Graphic Design’s influence, I can’t believe they used
    such horrible typography for the text overlays.

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